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Humorous Articles - Ramesh Mahadevan's Home Page

Don't Look At Dead Cats!

Ajay's Homecoming

Mrs. Palvayanteeswaran Contest

Aaloo Mattar Made Easy

Another Desi Legend

At least Privatize IIT Kanpur


Story of Dutta

Easy as PI

Migration, Emigration and Transmigration

Bharatiya Gymkhana

Bringing Up Babies

Chronology according to Hindu Fundamentalists

Hindi Movie Oneliners and Phattas

IIT, Garden of Love

A Late Evening in India

Lunch Time Conversation

Mating Patterns of Homosapien Desicus Males

My Aunt, The 'Matunga Mami'

Midlife and Other Assorted Crises

Money Matters

Profiles of some Soc.Culture.Indian Posters

A Talkshow on a Balmy Evening

Vedic Hindu Men were good at Communication

Conference Call

Continuing Saga of the Fresh Student

Cow Menace in India

Culture Shock and Cosmology

A Sambar Recipie

What is Desi Mentality - Life of Dr. Desi

Generation Gap

Ghantasala Poem


Uncle in the Sky


Why Indian Grandmothers are Boring

Worst of Ajit's Phattas - Play in One Act

Dr.Desi Strikes Again

Driving Ajay Crazy

English Composition - Part 1


Thread - To Have or Hatao

My Cousin - My Uncle

Ode to That Fresh Desi Who is Destroying my Microwave Oven This Very Minute

Marriages are Made in Heaven

How Good an NRI are You? - A Test

Ten Most Boring Things Desis Do In This Country

My Life As A Dog In A Desi Household

Pet Peeves (Part 1/398)

Pet Peeves (Part 2/398)


Close Encounters With Men Of God

On Uncles and Aunts

A Desi in Paris

Taxonomy of Daddies

Smell and Smellibility - what with Sense and Sensibility on the air


Osama bin Laden and Veerappan are one and the same person


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